*Lofbergs FIKA Dark Roast Coffee - Swedish (7 LEFT)


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Founded in 1906, enjoy fika (a Swedish coffee break) with Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee from one of the biggest roasters in the Nordic region.

Löfbergs Fika Dark Roast
Ground coffee in brick. Net 15.9oz/450g.

Löfbergs Fika Dark Roast is a well-balanced coffee with mellow flavours of cocoa. Perfect with friends like milk or other plant-based alternatives. Or just enjoy a cup of black coffee with real friends. Fika is a social tradition in Sweden. It means having a break, usually with a coffee or even a small treat with colleagues, family or maybe a new friend? It may seem like a small gesture but has proven essential in making people belong together. One fika at a time, we're creating as many moments of togetherness for as many people as possible.

Löfbergs is one of the most highly regarded coffee houses in Sweden with generations of coffee roasting experience. Founded in 1906 and still family-owned, Löfbergs infuses their great passion for coffee with close relationships to farmers to continue to roast coffee for the next generation of coffee lovers to come.

100% Arabica

Dark Roast - 4 out of 5
Full Body - 3 out of 5
Low Acidity - 1 out of 5

Composed with a minimum of 30% coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.

  • UTZ Certified
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • filter coffee (ground coffee).

Imported from Sweden.

Rainforest Alliance Certified