Daelmans Mini Chocolate Stroopwafels in Cello Bag 7.04 oz


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
  • Cello bag with approx. 25 Mini Chocolate Stroopwafels
  • The Stroopwafels have a diameter of 4.5 cm / 1.77 in
  • The net weight of the bag is 200 g / 7.04 oz

Share your love for Stroopwafels with friends and family with this handy cello bag filled with delicious mini chocolate Stroopwafels! Easy to pass around or to bring with you on a day out. The wafer tastes like chocolate. The syrup filling is identical to the syrup filling in our original caramel waffles. These mini Stroopwafels are bite size and also available in caramel and honey flavor. Don’t hesitate and treat yourself now!